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Since 1993, Kroop Labor Law's managing attorney, Marc G. Kroop, has been successfully specializing in the representation of employees in the Bay Area as well as all other major venues in the State of California.  Mr. Kroop has served as lead counsel in hundreds of individual or employee class action disputes. 


Mr. Kroop has successfully advocated for employee rights in cases involving California Labor Code violations (unpaid overtime, meal and rest period violations, improper classification of independent contractors). 


In addition, Mr. Kroop has represented individual employees in cases involving wrongful termination, discrimination, denial of family leave, sexual harassment and retaliation. 


Mr. Kroop's handling of these matters has resulted in numerous multi-million dollar recoveries for large classes of employees as well as outstanding recoveries for individually aggrieved employees.  Moreover, Mr. Kroop's efforts to protect employee rights has resulted in substantial changes in California meal & rest period law. 


Kroop Labor Law's  process involves a system of representation that encourages early resolution of employment disputes.  However, when early resolution of an employment dispute is not possible, Mr. Kroop has also achieved numerous outstanding results for his clients in cases he has litigated through arbitration, trial or appeal.  When you hire Kroop Labor Law, you are hiring highly experienced employment counsel with a long track record of success.

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Our main office and mailing/service address is 2950 Buskirk Avenue, Suite 300, Walnut Creek, CA  94597.  Our office is only 2 blocks walking distance from the Pleasant Hill BART Station.  For our clients who chose to drive to our East Bay office, there is no charge for parking.

How We Can Help

Advocating for employee rights requires both technical skill and an in depth understanding of the process that only an experienced employee rights attorney can provide.  Kroop Labor Law's managing attorney, Marc G. Kroop has successfully protected employee rights in California since 1993. 


In his legal career, Mr. Kroop has resolved more than 500 employment cases.  Whether your case involves issues related to wrongful termination, discrimination in the workplace, denial of family leave, harassment, retaliation, unpaid wages/overtime or other violations of California law, you can depend on Kroop Labor Law's vast knowledge and experience to guide you and protect your employment rights. 

For clients seeking information about their employment rights, it is important to seek help at the earliest possible time.  There are short time limitations and court imposed deadlines in California and Federal employment law that may require our immediate action. These time restrictions can impact your employment rights by severely limiting or even entirely preventing your recovery if action in your case is delayed. 


Seeking assistance from Kroop Labor Law at the earliest possible time is necessary for you to obtain proper legal assistance and protect your employment rights.  Kroop Labor Law provides you with a direct line to employment counsel in the Bay Area.  (925) 989-8264 


To receive a written response from Kroop Labor Law regarding any questions or concerns you have about your employment rights, you may email Kroop Labor Law.  For additional information about our firm or to find immediate answers to your questions about your employment rights you can visit our firm's main website.  Our website is an excellent resource for additional up to date employment law information.

kroop labor law