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Baby bonding leave fo new parents
New California Law Expands Baby Bonding Leave For New Parents 

Starting in 2018, California's New Parent Leave Act requires small businesses employing 20 or more employees to provide its eligible employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to bond with a new child.  This leave must be taken within a year of the child’s birth, adoption or foster care placement.

The new parental leave law will have the biggest impact on employers with 20 to 49 employees, who are currently not required to provide baby bonding leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act or the California Family Rights Act.  If you have any questions about your employment rights or obligations, with regard to parental leave, call Kroop Labor Law (925) 989-8264 You may also email us at info@krooplaborlaw.com to set an appointment to meet with us at either of our Bay Area office locations.

New limits on employer salary inquiries
New Limits On Employer Salary Inquiries

Beginning in 2018, California employers are now limited and cannot inquire about a job applicant’s prior salary, compensation or benefits. Further, this new legislation prohibits employers from relying on an applicant's prior salary history and using it as a factor in determining whether to hire the applicant or how much to pay the prospective employee.  On the other hand, the new law does not place any such limitations on an employer who receives such information voluntarily from the applicant.  AB 168

To inquire about this expansion of employee rights and learn about how this law impacts your employment rights, call Kroop Labor Law  (925) 989-8264 You may also send us an email to info@krooplaborlaw.com to set an appointment to  meet with us at either of our Bay Area office locations.

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