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If you are a California employee and you are terminated, laid off or offered an opportunity to resign your position and you are offered a severance package from your employer you should seek the help of an experienced employment attorney when considering your options.


To begin with, you will typically have a very short period of time to review, consider and decide whether to sign your severance agreement.  For employees under the age of 40, you may be presented a severance package on a "take it or leave it" basis.  For employees over the age of 40 the employer must provide you with either a 21 or 45 day review period depending on the circumstances of your termination.   


In either case, you do not have a great deal of time to seek and obtain help from an experienced employment lawyer regarding your employer's proposed severance package.  Seeking help from an experienced employment attorney as soon as possible is integral to protecting your rights as an employee.

By signing off on the employer's offer of severance without getting help from an experienced employment attorney that specializes in  severance package review, you may be waiving or giving up valuable rights.  Those rights could include wages, bonuses or commissions that are in dispute, additional amounts of severance pay or benefits that can be negotiated or even your freedom to accept new employment.

An experienced employment lawyer can help you evaluate the terms of the severance package offered, negotiate higher amount of severance pay along with greater benefits and fix any terms in the severance agreement that are onerous or unfair to you.  

Kroop Labor Law has successfully negotiated hundreds of severance and separation agreements on behalf of California employees.  Most agreements contain fairly standard terms and can be reviewed in less than an hour at a reasonable cost.   There is no reason to sign away your rights before you determine whether or not the offer is fair, fully compensates you and provides you with a reasonable amount compensation to help you move on to your next position.  

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Kroop Labor Law's managing attorney, Marc G. Kroop has successfully assisted his clients with issues related to severance pay and severance packages since 1993.  You can depend on Kroop Labor Law's vast knowledge and experience to guide you in your severance negotiation and protect your employment rights. 


To learn more about employee rights and employer obligations with regard to severance pay, contact our firm's managing attorney, Marc G. Kroop.  Kroop Labor Law provides you with a direct line to counsel (925) 989-8264  for immediate assistance.  We are conveniently located in the East Bay at 2950 Buskirk Avenue, Suite 300 Walnut Creek, CA 94597.   


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